Could I skip levels of vocab and burn them?

Sorry the title is sorta confusing but basically I took a six month break and am now trying to finish my reviews.
Do the kanji or vocab that were guru or master get burned if enough time passes? Is it possible to skip levels like that?

No. They will linger at that stage of SRS until you do the review and give the correct answers. In short, enough time must have passed to be able to do the review and then you must give the correct answers.

So basically you have to wait (in total) 5 months, 3 weeks and 3,5 days minimum and get both answers simultaneously correct 8 times in a row in those SRS intervals to get something burned.

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Nothing gets burned just by time. All your items are in the same stage as they were 6 months before. But your reviews have accumulated over the 6 months.

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You seem to misunderstand something fundamental about SRS systems. I think you should take a look here.


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