'Corrupted Script'? Now Chrome is so slow

I downloaded a script from the forums (by the way I really didn’t know how to use these things), after downloading I dragged the javascript file into my Extensions window in Chrome (again, maybe the totally wrong thing to do).

After a little while the script appeared as though it had been installed, but was said to be corrupted. And from this point my Chrome browser really slammed on the brakes and caused other applications to do to the same while it was running. Now i’m using Safari which is fine (whatever), but if anyone has heard of something like this happening and knows a fix, that would be awesome! Thanks!

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Does the filename of the script somehow show in chrome://extensions/?

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It did (and read, ‘corrupted’)! Then I removed it from the list, but now Chrome continues to be unusably slow. Have you heard of anything like this before? Thanks for getting back to me!

Not 100% sure if this was the cause, but it seems like the only event which separated healthy Chrome from the sick one…

You can try to make a clean profile and see if it also slow. If that doesn’t help you can try reinstalling chrome.

Looks like the script got stuck somewhere in the machinery … It is unfortunate that the userscripts use the same name pattern as the extensions.

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Tried reinstalling Chrome and no change, but then I tried browsing as a Guest rather than my Google Profile and the speed problem was completely solved! Thank you ACM!!

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It’s strange that your Chrome is still slow after removing it from the list. Maybe you use sync for your extensions and they are re-downloaded on their own. The guest is not the best solution because you probably can’t use bookmarks, etc.?

Google Chrome → Settings → Advanced sync settings. If you are syncing your extensions, you can change it from there.

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Yeah so I didn’t realise but ‘Guest’ isn’t a place to stay…

I was missing a step in my Chrome uninstall method! I needed to delete /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/profileName manually, as I’m using a Mac. And from there i’ve been able to sign in to my profile and use chrome just as I did before.

You’re a wizard acm2010 and you breathed hope in to my life when I thought there was none… <3

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