Context tabs (Vocabulary)

I have been aggressively ignoring the Contex tab information to this point - basically using it simply as a test to see how quickly I can click past that tab without accidentally seeing any of the example sentences. I don’t feel that as a level 8 user who has only just started studying Genki 1, that the sentences have any relevance yet for me. My vague plan is to perhaps circle back down the road to the Contex tab information once I have some more vocabulary and grammar crammed into my brain.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions that are different from the above? Thanks for any thoughts.


I aggressively ignored it too, but all I’ll say is when you encounter an English definition that could mean multiple things like “To shoot”. Shoot a gun? Shooting in photography? If you’re not sure, make sure you check, that should be the bare minimum so you don’t get the wrong definition


They are too inconsistent, being either appropriate for the level (see 玉 or most early vocabulary) or way too advanced (see 線路), and after level 20 more and more words have only one context sentence.

My advice is to install the Anime Sentences script and use that instead.


Thanks HaseebYousfani and Megamind,

For some reason I was thinking that we were expected to work through the Japanese sentence, but having reference to the English language version to eliminate ambiguity and understand the proper use of the vocabulary item makes a tonne of sense.

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