Context Tab, Pattern of Use Feedback

When I first noticed the context section that had appeared in some of the vocabulary I was a bit confused. This is my third attempt at using Wanikani to learn Kanji/Vocabulary and the other two times I had not seen this section. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest time into it. But the more I go through the examples the more useful I find it. I would say they are more useful and more important than the example sentences since those require a better understanding of grammar (I tend to read only the simplest/shortest sentence and move on).

So my feedback is that it would be amazing if Wanikani added more of the “pattern of use” to other vocabulary words (hopefully all). I know Wanikani is mostly for kanji, but well it was something that was added and I think its really useful for learning the vocabulary, more so than the sentence examples*. I think there are new additions that get added every now and then, but I still think there are too few vocabulary with it.

* With sentences you practice reading other words with the current vocabulary word. With the pattern usage you read the current vocabulary word with one other word and a particle. You end up reading the word more times and understanding there usage. This reinforces the vocabulary word better. Understanding the usage is even more important for separating out words with similar meaning in your mind.
If the sentences only contained vocab that you knew at that level, it would be less of of an issue but then the sentences probably would not be very interesting, and they would still be long minimizing the focus of the current vocabulary word.

Main point: more Context Tab, its really good.


Example sentences are garbage tier. Just immerse.

I wouldn’t go that far, the example sentences serve a useful purpose. It’s just that the context tab seems to do it better. I read daily, but when learning a new word its nice to know how it’s used and how the nuance of the meaning changes based on the use.

Can you explain?

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