Context sentence translation - Request a more direct translation

I stumbled upon the below context sentence during my lessons and had a bit of difficulty understanding the translation here.
I checked Jisho and according to it, this would have been “Good at horticulture”

I’m not a native English speaker and this is the first time I’ve come across GREEN THUMB in this sense.
While I am more than happy to learn this new tidbit of information, I would have expected a more direct translation. = “This grad student is good at horticulture”

Can this translation be updated?
Thanks and please feel free to reply if any of you feel otherwise.
Enjoy the day :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve just started visiting the community and am not sure if there is a better place to post this. Do let me know if this wasn’t supposed to be posted here.

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The translation is up-to-date. Green thumb is totally okay.

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I can understand why this would be difficult for a non-native English speaker.

That said, I rarely hear the word horticulture, though it’s certainly the correct word for a very literal translation.


The average English speaker would have little idea of what “good at horticulture” means and perfectly understand “green thumb.”


haha, I guess it’s a native vs non-native thing then (or maybe just me) :laughing:

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

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