Context sentence: 人生は一どきりなんだから

I’m having trouble with this one… the translation says: ’ we only live once’. I can understand the 人生は part only, the rest makes no sense to me :neutral_face:
Sorry for the question

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It’s a translation, not a literal one in this case.

どきり it’s define as an onomatopoeia with the same meaning as どきん.

Then どきん is defined like this:

Something like a “sudden and fierce heartbeat out of surprise-fear-joy”.

So your sentence it’s more on the side of:

“'Cause life it’s just one heartbeat!” AKA “we only live once” (more in sync with english ears). :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you!

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I think this is where Tofugu’s policy of just putting hiragana instead of kanji with furigana for more difficult kanji backfired.

With furigana: 人生(じんせい)一度(いちど)()りなんだから。

一度(いちど) means “one time”, “once”
()り as a suffix after quantities, means “just, only”.

As a whole, 一度(いちど)()り means “only once”. So “Life is only once”… or more naturally “You/we/they/etc only live once”


I makes sense… Though I liked my way of “force” making sense out of it more :yum:


for a total beginner like me this is really helpful, makes much more sense :slightly_smiling_face: