Content suggestions and issues thread

Circling back to my post about this one (額), but this time regarding its vocabulary - 額 (24). Similar in issue, the mnemonic in the vocab mentions three meanings in the kanji, yet there are now only two in that kanji.

Also, WaniKani says that there’s only one meaning for the vocab (Framed Picture/Picture/Frame); however, after getting confused by how there were numerous counter-examples of this in the sentences that were pulled by the Anime Context Sentences script, I decided to search elsewhere and found far more examples of [がく] being used to mean “sum/amount” (especially with monetary implication). And to be clear, this is when the kanji is used on its own, which I mention since there are a number of vocab in this level that include this kanji in their compounds that incorporate the “amount” meaning, and I want to make sure you know I’m not including those or other compounds in my assessment.
Relatedly to that last statement, while searching, I did notice that there are a lot of additional vocabulary compounds that incorporate the kanji with the “amount” meaning than are included in WaniKani, but I digress.
For the sake of veracity, I don’t mean to imply an argument for “amount” being the more common use, because I am far from being an expert on this and my searching skills have limits. However, simply, the degree to which it exists with that meaning makes it astonishing to me that it’s not listed here.

I also noticed it having an alternate reading/meaning combination, [ひたい] = forehead, which lines up with the discarded meaning for the kanji, but that’s just an afterthought, not my main point.