Construction of the meaning >> 思い出せる

I know that 思い出せる get the meaning of ~remebering~ but yet, I didnt find out an way to understand it properly… If someone could help me would be very nice :blush:
Here where I find it: 今思えばどれも笑って思い出せることです

思い出せる is the potential form of 思い出す, so it means “to be able to remember”.

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Ahh so actually 思い出せる its an verb… Even if I sayed that i know it, I thiked that 思い was one thing and 出せる other… Well thanks :baby_chick:

Are you just getting started on learning grammar? The 思い part of it is the noun stem of 思う, and [noun stem + 出す] is a very common form of verb. It either means to start something or to produce something. In this case, an 思い “thought” is getting produced. Remembering.


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