Constant refreshing required

Others have had the same problem but no solutions have been found yet since they just disappeared, however I’ve been having this same problem for quite a while now. I’m using Google Chrome with scripts (though I have tried turning them off) on MacOS Ventura.

I am not really sure what the problem is. Can you explain it more what issue you are facing?

Also, please tell us if you use any other browser extensions. Adblockers sometimes can act in a weird way of blocking preferred network traffic for example. Some VPNs also block network traffic.
Do you have the same issue on another browser?

Please also put links of the forum posts here (if you have) of the other people that face the same problem that you mentioned. It’s easier to get an overall picture by getting in more data.


Hey there! Are you still experiencing the issue? Feel free to reach out to and explain your situation in the first email along with your browser and OS information (and version). We can then try to troubleshoot your issue!

-Nick at WK

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