Confusing usage of できる heard

So I work in a school, and I just overheard a student say 遅刻できた. I can’t make sense of this at all. Why would they use できる with 遅刻? It’s not grammatically wrong, but it doesn’t make sense as far as my understanding of できる goes. Is this a thing and can you do it with other negative する verbs (like 不合格, 失敗, etc), or were they just intentionally saying it in a funny way?


Seems like they probably said 遅刻で来た

I wasn’t there to hear the pitch accent so I can’t say though


Imagine a student who is so purrfect that they are uncapable to make any mistake. Ever. No flaws. And then finally one day they manage to be late! Now they can finally live a life of a normal student and not some superhero. Which is why they say 遅刻できた trunky_rolling


Ohhhh I didn’t even consider that, that makes a lot more sense thanks!