Confusing horns and thorns

I keep getting the horns radical wrong. I keep calling it “thorns”, but since it is only one letter off Wanikani forgives the error. And now this radical I keep forgetting is “enlightened”.

I think it is incorrect for Wanikani to accept this mistake as a typo, because it is not a typo, I literally thought of the wrong radical.

It would be nice if you could still choose to mark your answer as incorrect if your answer was “off” . I don’t know if this is possible now?


It’s not possible with vanilla wanikani but the Double Check script allows you to mark correct answers as incorrect (i.e. you don’t have to use it for marking incorrect answers correct or retyping answers; if all you’re after is the ability to mark correct answers incorrect then it is perfectly fine to use it for that purpose alone).


You could also request the mods to add “thorns” to the blacklist of the “horns” radical, so WK won’t forgive people if they make this error.


Seems like a good idea. How do I make such a request?

You @Mods and they’ll forward it. Mods, please consider adding “thorns” to the blacklist of “horns” radical.

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Intentionally make a wrong answer repeatedly until it falls to Apprentice, is an option. Otherwise, resurrect immediately after Burn. Though personally, I don’t think Radicals are worth worrying about.

I see it as an UI well. It should be made strongly noticeable of what misspelling might mean. That is, what misspelling might be, did you mean thorns, rather than just “Please check your spelling”.

Misspelled hidden whitelist and failed-to-catch hidden blacklist might be considered a technical debt as well.

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Hey @MQM! Thanks for the ping! I will go ahead and add “thorns” to the block list for the “horns” radical.

As @polv mentioned, I wouldn’t worry too much about the radical, and now that you know the mistake you’ve been making, it may be well be etched into your memory already.

-Nick at WK


Thank you so much! So far Wanikani has been really helpful in contributing to my studies!


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