Confusing context sentence for advocate (主唱)

Could I meet the leading advocate of Bacon Peace?

Is this a cultural reference? What’s Bacon Peace? It sounds like it could be a garage band from the 90s.

Googling around makes it look like something related to Francis Bacon but it’s not entirely obvious that is correct. . .


I don’t think it’s anything…
maybe they started with something real like “peace in the middle east”/中東の平和 and then decided to lighten it up with a non sequitur instead.

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I found suggestions for dishes with bacon, Francis Bacon, boat racing and… this thread :sweat_smile: .


I guess? I’m still left with a lingering doubt it was a non sequitur even though that’s the only reasonable explanation at this point. It’s kind of like trying to be sarcastic over email with a stranger; there’s no tone so a bit of meaning gets lost.

Either way, thanks for some plausible insight. Still so confused by this one.