Confusing 谷 with 全

I use Jakeipuu. I sometimes confuse “valley” 谷 with “all” 全, and part of the reason, other than my own stupidity, is that ״all” is accepted as a valid answer to 谷. Can this be fixed please?


@Mods is this due to the system being permissive of spelling errors, and 3 of the 6 letters being correct? :thinking:

Also, @zzaltz if this turns out to be specific to Jakeipuu, you should post your feedback in the relevant thread if you want the creator to see this.

I thought “third party apps” WAS the relevant thread

It’s the correct category, but there is a Jakeipuu thread in the category as well (made by the creator when they released it).

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As @Leebo said, there is a Jakeipuu thread. If you post there, the creator will get pinged. Posting it in the general third-party section means that the creator would have to stumble upon it by happenstance alone. :slight_smile:

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