Computation: 計算 VS 算出

Hi, I’m a confused Engineer who just started working here in Japan and is exposed to a myriad of local engineering materials very alien to me. What’s the difference between the two? They are both calculation and are used almost synonymously. Huhu.

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They aren’t really synonymous.
算出 means to compute AND output a numerical value (算+出, literally)
From the dictionary: 計算して数値を出すこと。 「見積もり額を-する」

計算 is just the number crunching part. There’s no output involved.

Edit: I mean, okay, they are kinda synonymous in the sense that outputting the result can be implied. You rarely compute stuff just to throw the result away. However, an intermediary result could be just kept in memory without being printed on screen, for instance. In that case, it’s only 計算



It makes sense now. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


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