Does anyone know of any competitions or contests I could enter that involve Japanese? I’d like to win an award or be recognized while practicing my Japanese. I’m advanced level if that opens up anything.


I hear Japanese embassies often hold speech contests. If you’re interested you could call your nearest embassy and see if they’re doing anything.


If you’re in high school in the US, there is the Japan Bowl. Not sure if you have to register as part of a team sponsored by a school or if you can form a team with friends; I’ve never done it.


I did Japan bowl when I was a senior in high school, it was a lot of fun but also super intense. I’d for sure do it again though!


Japanese embassies and consulates will often sponsor those speech contests, but in my previous experience, they required you to be currently enrolled in an accredited Japanese course :thinking:


Email this guy and ask him. He might know.