Community mnemonics not showing, advanced context sentence sound not showing

i cant find the community mnemonics and advanced context sentences sound on my lesson session. but when i went to vocab tab on the dashboard, i can now hear the sounds tho still no mnemonics. is there something wrong? how can i fix it?

Only vocab have recorded sound for their reading to my knowledge. There is no recording for kanji (as those aren’t words, they’re possible readings). As for the context sentences or mnemonics, they are text only.

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WaniKani has recently made some changes to the lesson page which caused some scripts to stop working. For the Advanced Context Sentence script, I have posted a fix in the respective thread:

The Community Mnemonics script is currently not maintained. It might still work if you enable the script compatibility mode, but that mode only delays the breaking change and will sooner or later also be updated.

Also, you posted this thread twice – maybe you should delete the duplicate thread.


i see, tysm for this! i deleted the other post.

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