Commit to a little every day! Review management?

I feel like I can’t take a day off! Every time I take one day off, I feel like I come back and get slaughtered in my review if I have over a hundred items. Anyone else feel this way? Luckily, it doesn’t turn me off from it I just feel more committed to a little every day. This has become the way I take small mental breaks in my work day since I am working from home during COVID19. What are your review routines to keep the review size manageable

Quite frankly, yeah. You shouldn’t take any days off. The reason being what you stated. Generally, if you feel you have too many reviews on a day-to-day basis, the advice is “do fewer lessons until you can manage it again.” After all, it’s the Apprentice items that will be the bulk of your review pile.

That’s pretty much how I do it too. You can just do one session per day, but I think at least doing it twice, once each in the morning and evening, is still a fair schedule and will really help staying consistent. There’s potentially new reviews every hour, so if I get (or need) a break from what I’m doing I can usually knock out whatever reviews I have. Actually checking every hour is probably excessive, but every 3 or 4 hours is pretty reasonable (at least for me) and will help keep your review pile stay at a reasonable size.

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As @pahko said, look at the Apprentice pile. The easiest way to get a managable review pile is deciding on a number of apprentice items, and only add new ones when you are under that number. Find out what number is the best suit for you. :wink:

I have 100 apprentice and 500 guru as my max, today i only have 50 in apprentice cause my guru number is to high (after failing too many revews) and i won’t add more until that number is lower.

Well i agree to what they say. As for me i feel wanikani is more like a habit now i feel weird if i didn’t do it. I check every couple hours i sticked with 15 lessons everyday. But i would say it depend on your speed and accuracy.

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You can’t even take a morning or afternoon off, really. It’s a design flaw but to get around it I try to pace out all my lessons. I average 26 a day and try to do them every day. Reviews I do throughout the day, usually 50 at a time since that’s about as many as I can stomach. (I do the apprentice kanji when due to stay on a level-up schedule, but other than that I long ago stopped believing in the “magic” of the SRS and do them when I can after they are guru.)

Two weeks ago I had a rough day with the baby and passed out as soon as she went down to sleep for the night. I woke up after midnight and that ruined my streak at 294 days. Also left me with a big old review pile that I am still whittling down, unfortunately. It’s not ideal for learning to do 400+ reviews in a day but that’s the system I signed up for, so here I am.

Someone’s nap is over, off I go.

Yep, there’s no days off with WK. You can use the vacation mode if you can’t use WK for an extended period. But otherwise you should be doing reviews at least twice every day for optimal effect.

I wish they would set it so vacation mode automatically kicks in after a week or so with no activity.

Lots of people on these boards didn’t know it existed and when they come back after months they have to reset.

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