Coming back after a whole semester, am level 49, should i restart? (vacation mode was on)

Ive come back after a hard semester. I Did have time to watch some JP streams for immersion and for fun. Am free for two months, then I’ve got to do my military service. Do i reset? continue? or just go on acquiring vocab through reading books? Would i be fine with just reading books, VNs?

Obviously, i could do both, but I’m not sure how much time ill have after two months.

Edit: Ive never used scripts, just thought of mentioning it.

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i would definitely not reset. or at least not more than a few levels.

WK has diminishing benefits as you get to higher levels. at some point you will be better off learning kanji and vocab through reading and exposure rather than by SRSing them. though where exactly that point is will depend a lot on the individual. if you are already reading and learning vocab (and kanji?) through reading, you might be at or near the point where that’s more efficient than using WK.

add to that, even without resetting, there would be quite a bit of overhead to restarting. you might fail many items which haven’t been reinforced through reading. so even though you had vacation mode on, and don’t have a huge review pile, your accuracy might tank as you review those items - leading to many more reviews. but also, as they haven’t appeared in your reading, those items might not be as relevant to you as the things you encounter in reading.

but again, those might be the items you want to pay particular attention to.

so i really don’t know. you know how WK works for you.


I wouldn’t reset either. If you’re struggling with reviews, try to leverage the Extra Study feature. But otherwise do some reading to see how good is your kanji recognition overall.


Yeah, reading and mining. Maybe or maybe not adding to SRS. I did that for a while before deciding to reset WaniKani.

VN might be good identifying vocabulary / Kanji readings, without needing a dictionary.

Regarding SRS, some people may like or, but they focus on pre-made native-text-parsed decks.

Simply the reason is WaniKani might not teach enough readings for a Kanji. Also, critical vocabularies, not necessarily bearing Kanji, aren’t covered enough.

a semester isn’t worth the reset. There might be as many as 4 or 5 levels you are more shaky with but I guarantee you its not worth losing that much progress and doing again. In those early levels it makes sense, but if you don’t know just take the time to sort things out and don’t do lessons until you feel ready to. But you don’t need to reset.


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