Coming back after 14 months

Heyo!! I got a lot on my plate regarding my reviews, and it’s been a while since I’ve studied or even seriously tried reading japanese. Coming into WK for the first time I was dedicated to getting it done very quickly since I knew I could study it at that level and retain it well. After having to get a job about a year into it, which seriously cut down how well I could study, I ended up deciding to use vacation mode until I felt comfortable getting back into the groove of things. A few months later I tried getting back into it, and tried for a few months, but couldn’t bc of piled up reviews, so I went back into vacay mode. Well now it’s 14 months later and I figure I could use a reset for several levels, but I’m unsure how far back to go. I’m tempted to go as far as level 15-17, almost 20 levels, but know it’s a bit excessive. Also, at my height of studying I was easily doing 100-200 reviews a day, but now I know I should limit it to maybe 50-100 per day, just so I can keep up with it and my life. Any tips for how far back I should go?

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should look back through the kanji of previous levels and see if you are remembering them easily or maybe it’s something you only remember because you just looked at it. That way you can gauge how far you should go back. There may be some burned items that you can resurrect too. If you go far enough back that the levels are only having a couple of kanji you have forgotten, then simply resurrecting without going back to that level would be sufficient.

Resurrecting items means it starts back at apprentice 1, right? At first I was wondering if I could resurrect it at a higher level, but it seems for the best to resurrect items at app1.

Yes, back to apprentice 1. It’s best back there so you can have all the time you need to make your mistakes and learn it since the time intervals are short.

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