Comeback after a long break

I took some time off to play and beat Persona 5. I come back to find I had over 600 items to run though. I sat down today and managed to finish them all. I was able to recall mostly everything which proves that Wani Kani wasn’t a waste of money. Most of the 20 or so I got Wong though were because I phrased the answer SLIGHTLY different than the official answers which was really annoying. I wish there was a way to suggest answers and the. Have the community and the site admins vote on it.

The override script is the answer to those times when WaniKani says “WRONG” to “planting trees” because it wanted “tree planting”, or when it legitimately does not know about a valid definition for a word.

Especially if you’re tired and do something like this.


What is an override script?

Second one in this list:

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Thanks a lot!

No problem. :sweat_smile:

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