Colloquial Kansai Japanese book

Has anyone read the book Colloquial Kansai Japanese? I’ve seen it at Kinokuniya a few times and was interested in picking it up for later reading, but was curious if anyone here had read it. Seems to be fairly highly reviewed on Amazon.


I had no idea this book existed, and, being a bit obsessed with kansai-ben, I immediately ordered it (after checking out contents of course).

If no one else has it, I’ll report back in a couple of days!


The other ALT who works at my school owns it. I remember the cover art that looks like it was made in MS Paint 30 minutes before it had to be sent to the printer.

I think she said it’s good, but I can ask again about it.


Thanks. Would appreciate that. And, yeah, the cover does make it look like a cheaply-made book which why I was hesitant even with the high reviews.

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