Closing in on 60

I am quickly closing in on level 60. Currently at 58 but no more that a week away from 59. As I close in on the promise land I would like to give you up and comers some tips that I have used to get here. I have done all of this the hard way, no scripts or shortcuts.

  1. Just take your time. I am in no rush. I think level 56 took me almost 6 months. I am a lifetime member so I will get there when I get there.
  2. As I get close to closing out a level I print out the kanji chart for the next level and start studying the kanji, not studying the kanji hard but just looking at the kanji trying to familiarize myself with them before the kanji hit my lesson queue.
  3. Before doing reviews I go through the kanji on the current level to familiarize myself with any kanji that I am having trouble with.
  4. I write all of the current level’s kanji in a notebook that I carry around with me at work and if I am waiting for a meeting to start or just need to kill some time and do not have access to WK I will open my notebook and study a few kanji by writing them 5 or 6 times in a row.
  5. I try and do some reviews everyday if possible even if it is only 10 or 20 out of the 600 sitting in my review queue.

Good luck to all.


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