[Client App] WaniKani for Android


Hey just wanted to say that it really is a great App and I enjoy using it :slight_smile: Any thoughts on maybe adding also notifications for the forum? Keep up the great work.

I noticed the same thing BUT I figured out what the issue is. If you accidentally start typing Hiragana in the field when it actually asks for the English word, it will automatically block your entry and you can hit enter until you put in words in English. As seen in your screenshot it is asking for the “Meaning” (English translation) and not the onyomi not the kunyomi and not the Vocabulary reading. So “Meaning” is English, the other three is Hiragana. So in summary it’s not a bug but a feature :wink: Hope this helps.


Any chance for landscape mode support? I tried doing it the normal Android way and it will enforce portrait, so I downloaded an app to do it and it scaled pretty poorly but it’s usable.

No biggie just wondering if it could be an easy fix.

Thanks for the amazing app!



If you are talking about reviews and lessons, there’s an option in settings called “Force portrait” under “Userscripts and enhancements.”


Dear @xip , I’m having trouble with the app. I accidentally generated a new API key and i can’t use the app anymore. nothing works so far, i have entered new key, reinstall, delete cache, even installed in other android but to no avail. it will still give the error “unknown error”. Hopefully you could fix this. thanks :cry:


Hello. That sounds odd. Have you tried generating another key?


Hello! I have to say that your app has been a godsend for the many months I’ve been doing this.

Thank you for the great work.


@xip yeah i’ve tried generating another key and it gave me the same message. However, i tried it again today and it worked! Maybe for some reason it will take time for it to work again?


That’s strange. I tried myself earlier and it worked instantly. Well, I’m glad it’s working for you now.


That’s weird… oh well, glad to know it’s not permanent should it happen again :stuck_out_tongue:


@xip We’ve been having an issue with the auto advance script working. Hopefully you can fix it for us. Thanks for your hard work.

Android App Auto Advance


This is my go-to WK app, thanks. Ever considered putting in on Amazon for Fire devices? Admittedly I haven’t checked for a nice kana keyboard for Fire, but I can totally see myself doing reviews on the Fire Stick!


I appreciate all the work that you have been doing @xip ! Until now I only used the website once. Doing WK in your app makes everything a lot easier and confortable ^^

Unfortunately, I’m in a moment of my life when donating isn’t an option. However, I won’t forget the work that you did and eventually I’ll donate! (:

One question… The Japanese keyboard from Samsung doesn’t really work. As you can see from the image below, this is how it is supposed to look every time I click a key. If I click on “na”, I just then have to select “ni”, “nu”, “ne” or “no”.

This doesn’t happen inside the app:

Inside the app, I have to click several times until I get what I want. For example, to get a “no” I need to click 5 times. Is this something easy for you to fix? =/

Thanks in advance.



Yes, I’ve noticed it too. I’ll look into it, but I can’t promise any dates.

Unfortunately, no. I’m hardly able to maintain the app as it is, another app store doesn’t sound fun.[quote=“jprspereira, post:172, topic:6035”]

The Japanese keyboard from Samsung doesn’t really work. As you can see from the image below, this is how it is supposed to look every time I click a key. If I click on “na”, I just then have to select “ni”, “nu”, “ne” or “no”.

Thanks for the kind words! You don’t have to input kana though - just write the sounds in romaji.


Thank you very much. I shall patiently wait.


Yep, I know that :slight_smile: It’s just I hate writing in roumanji xD It’s making me develop bad habits D: but oh well… :slight_smile: I’ll deal with it.

Thanks for the quick answer.


Rather than thinking about it as typing in romaji, think of it as using a built in IME. Most Japanese people on computers type with the same IME’s, inputting romaji. Ultimately you’re typing in kana after the IME converts it.


Yup, you’re right. I need to stop being so visually affected by the keyboard.

Thanks for your comment ^^


I don’t think your thinking is wrong either, though. Thinking about it while doing my reviews, I could definitely put more focus on thinking about what I’m typing as kana and not romaji.


I mean, the Japanese keyboard works fine in the app. It’s just that it takes a lot more time than usual to write because the function that I’ve previously mentioned doesn’t work.

However, for people that just finished learning kana, it might feel a little awkward to go back to the bad habit of trying to think in roumanji. I remember that the moment I actually started thinking in kana was when I went from the Qwerty keyboard to the Kana one.


I think it’s just something to keep in mind and not something to get hung up on. I think just looking more at the kana you’ve typed before submitting an answer rather than quickly typing out a word and hitting enter/submit is probably sufficient. I have a habit of doing the latter. Quickly typing out a word and hitting, ensuring I haven’t made a mistake, and hitting enter. I could probably slow my pace a bit and look at what I’ve typed entirely in kana, rather than subconsciously thinking about it as romaji.