[Client App] WaniKani for Android



ffao said…
It’s easy to fix if you have root access:


Or you can do the reviews from the mobile browser.

 Thanks, I’ll try that!


I’m not sure if this is something you’d be able to fix, but either before your last update to the app or the Android update to 6.0 (Marshmallow) managed to break the custom fonts during reviews. The custom fonts are still clearly working within the app, but not the app’s browser for the actual reviews.

Thought I’d mention it before ripping my phone’s software apart trying to install custom fonts.



Great app! Thank you very much! Is it possible to install userscripts? I’d like to add the review and lesson reorder scripts


Bug: -If you type the kun-yomi reading on a kanji review, Wanikani says it wants to have a different reading. The message for the different readings will not disappear how matter what. So the problem is that, if you type in the reading and get it wrong, you cant look up the correct reading because the message is over the information button. Sorry for not posting on GitHub, I dont want to create a new account there just to mention that one problem.


I’m sorry if this is a know problem, but I suppose the app should play sound (as there is a sound icon), but it don’t. Is there anything I must do to enable it?


Hello all!

@makamoe No, it’s not possible to install userscripts. Userscripts have to be added to the app’s code. Lesson and review order scripts were there but they were not really working. I had to remove (hide) them. They might or might not be coming back.

@CarlosSanchez Hmm. I haven’t been able to keep up with my WaniKani studies for quite a long time now so haven’t really noticed anything. I’m getting back though. And yesterday I did my first batch after a long time. I certainly had that message show up once but I don’t remember it staying there. Will be watching out for it.

@weltonrodrigo Yes, it is a known issue, a bug. It’s caused by internal javascript calls. I had a hard time debugging it a while ago and I’m not sure when I can fix it. As I previously mentioned, I’m not actively working on the app. 

That said, there is quite a bit to do at this point. The thing though, is that the app’s code is more or less messy at places, which makes it harder to get back and build upon. I got this idea of rewriting it from scratch the other day, which would probably take care of some bugs as well. But as that’ll require a lot of time, I really don’t know when I can do such a thing.


Hi,  I’ve had to put my account in vacation mode for a few weeks and ever since this app has been crashing constantly in the background. I’ve had had to uninstall it because it would interrupt whatever I was doing with the “Unfortunately Wanikani has stopped” message every few minutes.  It didn’t do this before I put my account in vacation mode, so I’m guessing that there might be a major bug in your app regarding vacation mode.

Using a Note 3 on Lollipop.


Oh! I can totally imagine what’s causing the crashes. I’ll look into it.


I just wanted to say I really appreciate this app!


I’d love a reading>meaning option for reviews instead of the default meaning>reading.
Otherwise, great app


Thanks a lot for the app! I just have a problem with the notifications:

- They make no sound
- They dont trigger the LED

Would be great if you could fix that, maybe with a custom sound and led control!



Sadly the notification functions eat up a lot of cellular data, soooo I have to turn those off unfortunately
Could this be fixed?


My phone isn’t pushing the notifications when I have reviews available. I checked the settings within the app and didn’t see anything about it there. Maybe I missed it? I just checked my Applications Manager and it shows that notifications are allowed for that app. The notifications are the one and only reason I wanted the app in the first place so if I can’t get them to work, I won’t use the app.

Does it just take a while to receive the notification? Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss a setting? I have the Galaxy S6 so it’s relatively new so I wouldn’t think it’d be an issue with the phone itself. Any input would be appreciated!


Great app!


Wait, is this NOT the official wanikani app?! I have this on my phone! I thought this was the app the makers released! XD 

That’s just how clean and professional it looks, I guess…


I have been using the app for a while now and I think that when the app checks for updates (as it occurs at the times the app knows the next reviews should unlock) it crashes in the background.


BTW, can’t I access the web board from the app?

patarapolw said... BTW, can't I access the web board from the app?
 Typically after I do reviews I select the home button and it takes me back to the homepage, so when I check WK on my phone I do it through the app instead of through any browsers.


How do I play the sound for a kanji with the app?


Hi ! When I click by mistake the return mobile button during a learning session, I loose this session entirely. It happens to me very often, can you add a validation alert or something like that when the return button is pressed ?