[Client App] WaniKani for Android

Oh, convenient!

@xip Thanks, that makes sense. Good luck with the new app.

I can’t make or test a pull request right now, but my theory is that fakeRandom can be replaced with 1 instead of 0, to get a reverse ordering (reading then meaning) effect in 1x1 mode.

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For thread bump… currently looking to see if i can get userscripts to work on my tablet. I don’t have the appropriate chrome extention capabilities, but i have kind of made it possible to use userscripts on the tampermonkey versions browser… its really buggy :confused: Using a Samsung Galaxy tab a

Would be nice if the donation button moved to Settings after a donation is made. Perhaps donations above a threshold?

Ever since the last update, thing back to the dashboard after reviews causes the position of the dashboard scrollbar to be set to somewhere around the middle. It’s quite annoying actually :thinking:

Hi there! I was informed that you are not currently adding features, but I suppose what I am after is a bit of a fix. I was wondering if it would be possible to either increase the size of the font/field on the reviews as it seems to be appearing very small on my phone. Scalable field could also be an option? Though I suppose that’s more of a feature request. I’ll attach a screenshot to show you what I mean. Other than that I’d like to thank you for the app it’s been incredibly useful and made my life a lot easier. Thanks for your time!

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I wanted to add on to the above because my kanji/kana font was NOT always small / difficult and sometimes impossible to read.

To me this is a huge issue that makes the app unusable. I would recheck if that’s still the case (because I’d been off WaniKani all year, basically), but my tablet’s on the fritz, so I’ll edit this if somehow it’s changed.

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How big of a change is to make the mute button just disable the audio playing and not just mute phone media? I am listening to music while doing reviews and I can’t with mute on and with it off every reading entry interrupts the music. You can just point me to where in the source the mute button functionality is and I can probably adjust it myself.

Hey dont know whether it’s my phones problem or the apps. Just thought I might ask of anybody knows a solution. Since recently I am no lomger able to use the app to go to the forums and stuff. The load bar loads and then the screen goes blank. Reviews and learning works as usual.
Any guesses what happened?

This is a really good app. Saves time from opening the website. Also provides notifications in case I forget.

Not sure if it’s my phone or not, but the app seems to be having trouble connecting through mobile network (works fine on WiFi) - any idea why this might be happening?

I dont know if this is the right place… But i use the wanikani Android app a lot as its way more flexible.
So i was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate the learning reorder script into the app. I would like to learn the radicals and Kanji first and then do vocabs over the period it takes to level but I currently don’t have a computer so I have to go through mountains of vocab before reaching the radicals and kanji.

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just make sure you get to 0/0 before guruing your last kanji for the level – then you’ll always get radicals and kanji first


If you have an android phone, the reorder script works on Firefox :slight_smile:

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does the ignore script also work? Asking for a friend.


A good advice regardless of whether you use a phone or a computer


The override script works, which provides the same feature I think

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On the settings page on the wanikani site itself, you can stop the audio from autoplaying during reviews and lessons. If you change these settings, it’ll mute on the app as well :slight_smile:

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This app is great. I’m faster on a PC but I use it all the time when I’m away from the computer.
I just wanted to suggest a dark mode if possible? I just found Breeze for the web version and my eyes are very happy about it. Not sure if this app is in any form of active development but it’s just a thought.