[Client App] WaniKani for Android


The reorder script works fine on desktop, so I’m pretty sure it’s app related.


Hey !

I’m using this app since the beginning of my wanikani experience, and i must say it played a big part in my assiduity. But recently i noticed a “bug” or maybe a feature i didn’t knew before : even when i answer wrongly, even sometimes two times in a row, my kanji sometimes get validated to the next level.A first i didn’t noticed since i only used the android app, untill i realized wanikani web app was way less forgiveful. Now i wonder if my progression isn’t a bit “artificial”.

Anyone have an explanation?


Auto advance script fixed, should be in beta soon.


Just wanted to thank you, when I’m not at home I use the app to do lessons and reviews (and the notifications help me staying on track)


Is there a workaround for devices where vocab audio autoplay is not working? I’m on Android 4.4.2 and autoplay only works in lessons, not in reviews.


Yeah, change to the alphachannel, that version have the problem fixed. Instructions here: https://github.com/xiprox/WaniKani-for-Android


This is really pretty, I will certainly give it a go


I changed phone and i cannot use it, it keeps crashing, Samsung S8, I can provide you with some screenshot


I just installed this (imo wonderful) app on my S8 and it’s working fine.


Perhaps it will be better if you open an issue in the Github application page.


I noticed a couple of days ago that audio is now working during reviews on my Android phone (Sony Xperia Z2). The app is working fine.

In settings, it says “app version 1.2.4”


Indeed, autoplay audio is working since the last update. Wonderful app now.


Did anybody looked at this.

I’m facing the same issue as him.


The Android app is not owned or developed by Wanikani. All the mobile phone apps were developed independently by people, who have nothing to do with Wanikani.

The developer may not be aware of the problem if you only describe it in this forum. You should contact them by using the github link posted earlier in this thread. Scroll back up a few posts to find the link.


@xip: Thank you so much for making and maintaining this app!

I had a couple of questions:

  1. Do you have plans to upgrade to the new v2 API?
  2. For the 1x1 review mode, is it possible to have the reading appear before the meaning? @rfindley had a post about why this order is better for learning.



I do have plans to upgrade to the new API, yes, but that will be solely because API v1 will stop working when v2 comes out. The app will not actually gain new features that utilize API v2.

Like I’ve noted previously as well, at this point I’m not planning to add new features to the app. Development activity from me is only fixes and slight improvements pretty much.

On that note, I have started a new app project that will be utilizing the new API which will have a wider feature set and a fresh design. However, it’s still in very early development and progress isn’t nearly fast enough due to various other responsibilities that are rendering me sluggish.


Are you interested in any collaborators?


With this app? Sure!

With the new project? I’m afraid not at this time.


With the existing app. I’m not a web developer so most of the JS stuff is beyond me, but I am a back end android developer so can help with some of the other fixes.


Oh, sorry, I forgot to attach a link. The current project is on GitHub.

To be honest, the code is pretty bad overall - most parts are my newbie work and I haven’t really gotten to update much, but if you find something to do, feel free to submit a PR. It would be nice if you pinged me beforehand if you ever have something of a more drastic change.