Click to see a cake

Thanks everyone for kind messages :slight_smile:

Im sure all cakes are lies! im glad the post motivated you and thanks for making the WK history page, made the journey better for me! :slight_smile:

ill be sure to edit in photo of whats inside later today (probably more lies :laughing:), but havent sliced it yet to find out.

Oh yea, i think that move from one to two-three sessions per day is huge for SRS timing reasons (especially if you hit the timing for apprentice items, waiting 4h or 24h on new item makes a big difference), but obviously thats not possible for everyone. While 7 per day is certainly even better, its probably not that big of a deal compared to 3 in terms of SRS timing, its still much easier to do few sessions of 30 reviews thruoughout the day than one of 150 (+ this is really big luxury i had during the lockdowns and work from home period :smiley: )

Theres multiple sources:

  • For the level ups and current status / accuracy i used (you need to have API for that that you can generate on wanikani page under account - API tokens, then just paste the generated token into the webpage)
  • For the blue/red Reviews/Lessons chart i used Heatmap script [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap (here you can also find out link to get the script and hopefully all the info you need to get scripts working in the first place, it does take a few minutes to set up tampermonkey and Wanikani Open Framework, but after you are done with that all scripts are just question of few secionds :slight_smile: )
  • For the level difficulty - error percentage i used extension of heatmap above called Workload graph [Userscript] WaniKani Workload Graph
  • For the rest - SRS item info, revews per day, time spent on reviews per day and review percentage graphs i used webpage WK History where similarly to WK stats you need to paste API into