Clear WaniKani Cache?

Is there a way?

You can, but for what reason exactly? What are you trying to get rid of?

My WK has been quite laggy for the past few days. Slow loading up reviews, sound is delayed then blurts past 3 audio readings all at once. Little things like that… Not sure at all if clearing cache would help but I figured I’d give it go. Any other tips are welcome.

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Do you use scripts? This could easily be caused by a lot of scripts being in use, or them just spamming errors or something. I never encountered this personally

Yes I do use scripts. A handful of them that has never given me issues. Recently I installed a few to see if they would be a good addition, but I decided against them and uninstalled back to my original selection. Maybe those littered my system a bit and thought perhaps clearing cache might sweep up the mess.

Which scripts are you using?

Wanikani Open Framework
Advanced Context Sentence
WaniKani LevelUP Celebrator
Wanikani Anime Sentences
WaniKani Pitch Info
KaniWani audio
Wanikani Self-Study Quiz

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My audio has been super delayed actually too, it’s extremely annoying lol.

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Let me know if you find any fixes! :slight_smile:

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