Cleaning up leeches/items and I'm frustrated that its taking so long

Today’s Update


Gotta keep that slow shuffle to the right!


How are you doing this week, Jorip? Still going? done any lessons yet :slight_smile:
I am just stuck, I keep doing all my reviews but with everything difficult from the past coming back and me failing part of it, I cannot get my apprentice down and it is hovering about the 150 mark. I suppose I just have to keep going until I’ve squashed these damn leeches. I’ve been here about 40 days now. But I feel like it has to be done doesn’t it.


I still haven’t done any lessons and I really really want to! I’ve been at this for 119 days and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (haha I think).

My plan is to be patient and get apprentice items down to zero, and try to minimize Guru items as much as possible. Once that has been dealt with. I’ll really control the Lessons so that I don’t have tons and tons of reviews again. I’m sure that if I don’t squash the leeches first, It will just be true hell later.


I haven’t been completing all my reviews every day so I haven’t been posting so often. I try to just post when my reviews are zero. When I started my Apprentice+Guru count was 620. I’m at 376 now.

I’ve burned 228 items since I started which is progress so I should keep that in mind!


Haha somehow the apprentice category is the same! I think that this isn’t just a journey of getting apprentice to zero, but I’m now thinking that the Apprentice+ Guru count needs to be really really low. Maybe both down to zero?


I made a ton of stupid typos today on some Guru II items… Its super annoying that I did that. I’m worried that some of those leeches in Master are going to come and get me!


Keep that slow burn to the right. 5 more burned items. Every item in Apprentice is a leech, and most of the items in Guru are leeches.

I’ve decided to sign up for an online Japanese course to try and help me with some basics. I’m hoping that if I can get some grammar under my belt I can start reading stuff. Which in turn should help me learn some of this stuff!

Its really frustrating because I actually live in Japan and still can’t talk to anyone.


Guys… I really want to do some new lessons. What if I just do like 5? Haha, I most certainly shouldn’t… but I want to

I’ve been at this for 127 days.


What’s your daily review load like? Honestly, if it’s something like 200 you might be ok to do 5 lessons.


What’s the script for the SRS levels on dash?

You’re way better off just doing leech training with a script and continue doing lessons. 254 guru is really low.

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I am nowhere near where you are - but I am already having a similar issue. I have started hand writing out the items I am missing with each review. I differentiate between the ones I have no clue about and the ones I was close but off by a kana and the ones I got wrong due to typos. I have had to make my own mnemonics for some which has helped. Also - the more I read, the more there is to scaffold things onto. I will sometimes hit a stretch of “new” vocab I actually already know from other studying. I also find, the more I learn, the more things “stick” to one another. My next plans are to 1) go back to older levels and write out the on’yomi and kun’yomi readings for the kanji (sometimes I can remember one but not the other) and 2) for any really resistant leeches - planning to go old school and make (gasp!) paper flash cards like I used to in college. I keep working on my strategies since I know this will only get harder.

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It’s finally gone to below 200, but I am struggling with the items I have right now so I want to wait until they are squashed.

Here are all the scripts I’m using.

This is sooo true! I highly recommend this: Bish Bash Bosh It was mentioned earlier in the post. I recommend the Shin Leech Trainer addon as well. Make sure you really use the mnemonics its my greatest weakness. I just try to memorize the answers without using the mnemonics and its a bad habit and mistake.


66 Apprentice items feel good. But it is still too early to celebrate. Those Guru leeches will be coming for me soon.