Cleaning up leeches/items and I'm frustrated that its taking so long

Thanks for the info you’re probably right about overthinking. One of the main reasons I made this post was to see what other people do to try and adjust my study habits. I appreciate the response!

I haven’t heard of this before I’ll check it out!

I looked this up seems exactly like what I need thanks!

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I don’t mind much about accuracy. Low accuracy only means that you would retain in the long term more than high accuracy items. It would help if you did not look at that stat site often as it is very distracting. I even turn off toast up/down and SRS stages to concentrate on reviews instead of worrying if the item will become a guru or burn. It is less stressful to do WK that way. The last time I see, I still get 97% accuracy, but I don’t care about that. You can use FlamingDurtle to disable the toasts. It might help to alleviate some stress.

@jamielin Thanks for the advice!

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Update of items progress.

I think I’m going to do the radicals for level 13. I’m too eager to keep learning new stuff haha.

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Holding off lessons to fight leeches can definitely be difficult. (But it gets easier if leeches pile up high enough…)

My current goal (at least while I’m finishing off the majority my leeches) is to always ensure I complete every vocabulary lesson before moving on to kanji lessons, and then complete those before moving on to radical lessons. (But I’ve been on a lesson hiatus, which is why I’m almost on day 80 of level 29, and I’m only about a third of the way through lessons.)

This is what I’m looking at right now lol. Like 66 Lessons seems easy… Haha I just want to do them!

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I think it’s better to establish some personal rule to limit the number of tolerable leeches so you can still progress instead of frustrating over clearing never-ending leeches because even when you level up, you will creating another new batch of leeches. So for me, maybe around 20 might do good.



Lately I’ve been pondering what I’ll consider tolerable for Apprentice and Guru leech counts. Of my 450 or so leeches I’ve been battling for the past 10 months, about 80 to 100 were constantly in Apprentice. (It was devastating to my motivation, and draining to keep reviewing the same cards over and over.)

Now that I’ve come up with a technique that works for me (viewing vocabulary while doing kanji reviews, which has had the unexpected impact of making unrelated vocabulary reviews easier as well), I’ve gotten my Apprentice leeches down to about 25 to 35, and I definitely don’t want to them to be higher than that going forward.

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That’s quite a lot of leeches. I’ve seen many people messing around with the order with scripts, so they got that high number of leeches. For me, what keeping leeches down is by overlearning in another area. Reading and SRS the vocab in iKnow (sync to my WK level) also helps. Maybe use Anki to SRS the leeches list is also a good idea, but I haven’t done so as my leeches are not that overwhelming. I plan to do that when the leeches get out of handle.


I spent months trying to do that this year and cleaned up quite a bit, but I never could get even apprentice items to 0. (I’ve only leveled up once so far this year.)


I just thought of something obvious but clever (maybe). The leeches that are really really troublesome I can put as the lock image for my phone. So for example I always get つち/土wrong, I always write it as うち. So I put this as my lock screen:

I’m going to try and come up with something so that I can have a few leeches on there at the same time. I think the next one will be: 時/特/待 and 和/味/知 I get these sets confused often


Items update! I’m really glad I’ve held off on lessons. I had the apprentice items all the way down to about 64 and decided to still hold off on lessons to see what happened. I did decide to do the radicals for level 13 that has been ok so far. I’ve a good chunk of items to Guru 2 which feels good.

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Definitely clever! I may well borrow that, thanks!

Talk about taking so long:

I’m stuck on the level for more than three months now.

I’ve noticed that taking things much slower improved the result, if previously I tried to 0 whole review queue every day, now I just tackle it when I feel like it and slowly read manga in free time.


lvl 28 and you have over 2k burned items, wow!

I am lvl 25 and only 640 burned so far.


Apprentice items are about the same, I’m really starting to notice the super annoying Leeches. I’m hoping that in the next two weeks I can really make a huge dent in the Apprentice and Guru items.

August 6:

I wrote a post and never hit the reply button… haha so I’ll just add to what was already written.

I took a day or two off from WK because I climbed Mt. Fuji. I managed to do most of my reviews while hiking haha! But when I got back down I was just too tired to do the reviews I had.

I had 229 to get through: (Aug 14)

Items before completing the reviews:

Items after completing the reviews:

Haha I’m never going to get those apprentice items down :sob:. Just gotta keep grinding away I guess. There were a few items that I got wrong because of typos. I really need to slow down when I’m typing.

Today sucked… Haha the leeches are rearing their slimy heads. I’m really glad I stopped doing lessons for now. Gotta keep grinding away at them!

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Today’s Update. Still struggling. Just gotta keep grinding away.

interesting…not really a WK thing but makes me think (instead of a fingerprint) must enter the correct kana for the leech to unlock the phone for whatever leech is on the screen…hmmm… sadly not a programmer :wink:

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Time to get an iTalki tutor so they can read off the lock screen vocabulary word for me, 'cause I sure don’t remember it.