Classic novels in easy Japanese?

I recently came across Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein written in simple English: frankensteinOCR.pdf (

Does anyone know if there is anything similar for classic novels written in simple Japanese? I’m aware of a few places online where there are fairy tales and children’s stories written for language learners, but I’m hoping for longer stories that I can properly get into.


I’m not aware of anything written in simplified Japanese but I know about the Soseki Project which includes native read-alouds and hover-for-defintion on the words. See here for an example chapter of 坊ちゃん.

There’s also stuff like this 忙しい人のための「吾輩は猫である」 (audibook only). The title is "I am a Cat" for Busy People which seems to be a cliffnotes version of a classic novel.


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