[Chrome Extension] Kanify - Find out what kanjis you know on any web page!

We will add this to the features list! Thank you for your input.

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To any users above level 30, a bug fix has been pushed to the Chrome store to fix the extension if it was previously not working for you! Please check the chrome store link in our original post for Version 1.2!

am above 30 and the new version still doesn’t work for me

The shortcut is being updated shortly, but it should work when you click the “kanify me” button. Is it working then?

oh, looks like you’re right, works now.

New update was pushed to fix the hotkey if it wasn’t working for anyone before! Hopefully this is the last extension-breaking bug and we can work on implementing some of the features you guys asked for.

Great extension! I’m really waiting for the inversion - show it for those Kanji you don’t know :slight_smile:
Is it open source? Any way to help to contribute?

Thanks! Shoot me an email at KanifyExt@gmail.com if you’re interested in contributing or have any questions about the code base! I haven’t been able to personally work on it due to schoolwork this semester so I’d be glad to let someone else contribute.

Great extension! Most of the Japanese I interact with daily happens on Twitter, but due to the way Twitter works with it’s timeline constantly loading new content without refreshing the page, Kanify never detects any of the kanji on Twitter even when I have “enabled on page load” turned on. Is it possible to add a feature where Kanify consistently checks for new kanji on the page thus that I don’t need to constantly use the keyboard shortcut? Thanks for your hard work!

Hi thank you! Yes this is something I noticed as well when making the extension! It is something I can try to add in but it would make the extension a little more resource intensive since we would have to make the extension listen for whenever new text/kanjis appear on the page (which happens a lot on twitter since it has infinite scrolling). It would probably have a toggle to switch this feature on/off when I get around to implementing it.