ChristopherFritz's Study Log

I found I didn’t have recorded anywhere my mpv setup (as I recently had to get everything set up from scratch), so I figured I’d include it in my study log in case I need to reference it in the future.


Migaku MPV

Installation and use guide.

Provides easy subtitle navigation (left for the previous line, and right for the next line).

Provide easy hiding/showing of subtitles (up to hide and unhide).


Provides auto-pause at the end of each subtitle.

Provides replaying the current subtitle.


  1. Open a video in mpv.

  2. Press n to enable auto-pause at the end of a subtitle.

  3. Press up to hide subtitles.

  4. Play video until a subtitle (or press right to jump to the start of the next one).

  5. At the end of the subtitle, the video auto-pauses.

  6. Try to work out what was said in the spoken dialogue. If unsure:

    • Press Ctrl+r to repeat the current line.
    • Press up to show the subtitle. (Afterwards, press up to re-hide subtitles before continuing.)
  7. Press space to unpause and continue.

Missing Features

Some things I may have to look into implementing:

If pausing at the end of a subtitle is enabled, the video is paused, and subtitles are visible, have it hide subtitles upon pressing space to unpause. (Purpose: Removes the need to re-hide subtitles manually.)

If pausing at the end of a subtitle is enabled, and the line gets repeated x number of times, enable the subtitle. (Purpose: Removes the need to unhide the subtitle manually, although I still can if desired. Encourages listening to the audio x number of times before checking the subtitle.)

I may remap repeat from Ctrl+r to a single key without a modifier. This one’s simple to do, but I need to see which keys aren’t already mapped.