Children's Book -- 'Let's Go to Nihon!'


I wrote a children’s book to try to get my son ready for a trip to Japan by showing him some cool pictures and teaching some basic words and phrases in Japanese with rhyme. It’s called ‘Let’s Go to Nihon!’ and is on Amazon both as an ebook and a physical book.

Please check it out if you think you could get some enjoyment out of it or if you have a little one that you’re getting ready for a trip to Japan.

I’m really hoping that my son’s first word will be in Japanese, but its probably going to be Spanish because he is addicted to ‘Canticos,’ the Spanish children’s song that air on Nick Jr. :smile:

If you have any words on the wisdom of taking a four year old to Japan, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for taking a look!

Learn Japanese With Rhyme! 'Let’s Go to Nihon!’ is an introductory Japanese learning book series especially designed to help children acquire basic words, phrases, and greetings in Japanese in a fun and easy rhyming way!


Love the cover art! :+1:


Thanks a million! I’m kind of making this up as I go, so I really appreciate it!

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