Child kanji isn't working

I’m currently doing lessons and one of the kanji I learned is child. Child is pronounced shi su. However when I enter that into the after lesson quiz it doesn’t work. It says I’m wrong and then shows me the correct reading for it which is exactly what I wrote. What is the problem here?

nvm. I realize now that it’s pronounced either shi or su. It was not clear during the lesson though


You’ll see a lot like that, with the commas separating different readings. Commas are used to list things in a series, among other things.

Haha, I’m the resident a-hole and even I think that’s harsh. =)


*shrugs* I don’t know, English may not be their first language or perhaps they’re in highschool and haven’t learned enough grammar yet… either is possible.

Glad I could make you smile, though. XD

SkywardTaco, I apologize if neither is the case.

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