Check dates of when each new level is started?


Maybe this will turn into a new request feedback, but I was looking to see if there is a timeline or similar for seeing when I actually unlock each new level.

I’d like to be able to see my progress mapped against the calendar, give myself goals and nudges, etc.

Is that viewable anywhere?


maybe has it?

EDIT: I didn’t think I could access it from this computer, but I guess I can. In the “Progress and projections section,” If you select the level, I think the “estimated” date/time for your previous levels has the actual date for when you hit that level…

Also, if you do your radicals, it shows the unlock date, which may be when you leveled up? I did my radicals the moment I leveled up, so I’m not sure if the unlock date is when you leveled up or when you actually did the lesson…

The stats website rmizuno linked to does show a projection of when you’re estimated to hit any given level, based on either your average level up time so far or an average level up time you put into the boxes. You can click on the level number in the scale to the left or click the up/down arrows to scroll through them. It also shows when you should hypothetically be able to complete the various JLPT levels and when you’ll have everything burned, provided you finish out all 60 levels.

The rest of the stats site also has some fun compilations of the items you’ve learned/will learn and it’s really neat to watch the colors fill in as you level them up.



thank you both!

Oh! Did @rfindley purchase a new web domain? For the last while, I thought it was a separate site from his idigtech - but now I see it’s one and the same. Huh!

… I wonder if that will change my bookmarks on my phone and PC…


Yeah, I moved it to its own domain.
And google seems to finally like the site (for the moment). Previously, google refused to index it while reporting that there were no problems with the site. But now it finally shows up in google search.

Also, wkstats should forward you to

Yay, it does! (I just tried it.)

You’re awesome. ~ :purple_heart: ~

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