Changing mnemnonics

Yesterday, I learned 限る (かぎる, to limit). The reading mnemonic had something to do with limiting the amount of lotion you use on your “kaggy” skin. I didn’t like this one, mainly because “kaggy” isn’t a word, as far as I could tell. I mentally changed it to limiting the number of keys (かぎ) you could carry on a key ring.

Later in the day, when I got it wrong in a review, I looked it up and and the reading mnemonic had changed to something about a “car guillotine.” Still not a great mnemonic for me, but not as awful as “kaggy.” So, I wondered, do the developers regulary change whole mnemonics without telling anyone? Was “kaggy” the original mnemonic that happened to be changed the same day I learned it, or was it always “car guillotine” and “kaggy” was some kind of brief glitch or experiment? If you’re at level 25 or above, which mnemonic do you remember learning?

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A few days ago when I learned it, it was kaggy. I tried making up my own about caged geese but nothing really works so far… car guillotine is not any better then kaggy for me.

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