Changes to audio player that might affect scripts

Not seeing anything in our logs, could you email a screenshot to support if it happens again?

I’m not getting the blank page error anymore, but here is a new and different one:

I have confirmed the below error still happens with all scripts disabled.

  1. Go to the preview site.
  2. Do a set of reviews containing the kanji item 懐.
  3. Encounter the reading question for that item first and answer it correctly.
  4. Encounter the meaning for that item and answer it correctly.
  5. Open the expando with more information about that item by pressing f.
  6. Open even more information by pressing space.
  7. The following error appears in the console.
mountAudioComponent.js:64 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined
    at s (mountAudioComponent.js:64)
    at t.a (mountAudioComponent.js:91)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:92)
    at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:26)
    at HTMLDivElement.g.handle (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:25)
    at Object.trigger (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:26)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:26)
    at Function.each (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:14)
    at pe.fn.init.each (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:14)
    at pe.fn.init.trigger (application-ca0f275e2d33c1632148412449f3fdacf639f3f76f32c7c4be4dca8133704438.js:26)

Good catch, missed a check for vocabulary on this part of the code and it’s trying to load audio for kanji. Just put the fixed on preview now.

I’m not sure if this is expected behavior, but on both the preview site and regular site, it does not remember me dismissing the banner “Got new lessons you weren’t expecting?” I can x it out which removes it temporarily, and it stays gone even if I reload the page. However, if I open a totally separate tab and go to the homepage in that tab, the banner returns in that tab.

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That’s because the cookie is soggy and keeps crumbling.


Just an update, planning to move this from preview to production next week. Will post again when it’s out.
Thanks for all the feedback!

I don’t think this is due to cookies, but I’ve made a ticket to fix it.

FYI just moved this to production a few minutes ago.


In lessons if I hit j to play audio on the kanji composition or meaning tab, the audio for the previous item will play. This happens in reverse if I go to the previous item after seeing the reading tab for the current item. Audio autoplay is off, and it still occurs in an incognito window with no scripts. Basically, j always plays the audio for the last reading tab viewed regardless of which vocab I’m actually looking at.

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Hmm yeah, I see that happening too. Working on it.

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On the lessons page, I am sometimes seeing intermittent latency of 1.25+ seconds for network requests for audio files during lessons from your cdn (without scripts).

I also noticed what appears to be a bug where the page always requests two audio files from each voice actor for each reading. So a vocab word with only 1 reading will cause 4 files to download: 2 for each voice actor. If there is an mp3 an ogg version, the page will often download both formats for the same audio even though it will only ever play one of them. I would have expected only 2 files total to download in this scenario.

Example: go to the lesson page for 既決 and then to the reading tab and you get the following network requests<unique id><unique id><unique id><unique id>

All ids above were unique.

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