Change some descriptions?

Hi Everybody,

WaniKani is super cool, maybe the best kanji flashcard app I found online;
But I still have a problem. Do you know any way to change the description of an item? Sometimes, I really don’t understand the descriptions, and I see something else in the kanji (ex: the radical “nail”, looks like an umbrella to me. Even after reading many times the story, I couldn’t visualize it).

And it really doesn’t help me at all;

Thank you for your help.



Add synonym, name it anything you’d like. Wouldn’t name it umbrella though, there’s an umbrella radical coming later.

Thank you very much!
I’ll name it “flat umbrella” haha


I named “nail” T and “umbrella” L :slight_smile:

There’s also a “Notes” section for every item where you can add your own mnemonics, etc. You can do this during lessons or on the individual item’s page afterwards.

I’d say that adding a synonym for the radical isn’t going to help you if you intend to use the mnemonics. Every mnemonic that uses the nail radical is going to call it nail and you remembering it as flat umbrella is just going to make using the mnemonics that much harder.


what he said
-> would not recommend

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