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Is there a way to change reading to kun?

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The readings you put in for the kanji items are mainly on readings, since kun readings are often taught to you in the form of vocab.

In some cases where the on reading is uncommon, they will just teach you the kun instead, but no, there is no way to change the readings you answer.

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why? I’ve hear every kanji has two readings. on’yomi and kun’yomi. The site uses on’yomi but i’ve been learning kun.

so i’d prefer to change it

Okay sorry I’m coming over as rude, but basically you can’t just “choose” what reading you want. Some vocabs use kun some use on, you can’t just say “I want to use kun on every single word because I don’t like on”

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding something idk >_<

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i’ve just wondering if i have an option ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌

I’m not sure whether you understand what each reading is for. Often times the on reading is far more common and important to learn than the kun. Take for example, 人. This appears in far more compound words using the on readings じん and にん, then it appears on its own, or in compound words using the kun reading ひと.

On readings appear in compound words (words consisting of multiple kanji, usually without kana).
Kun readings appear in standalone words, or compound words with kana.

There are still some minor exceptions, but this is the general rule.


Could you happen to read the FAQ ?

is it in japan? xD

Here: FAQ

Also, read the Guide if you haven’t

So in this case i’ld learn both pronunciations?

Yes, you learn both. The standalone kanji (pink items) are typically the on readings, and the standalone kanji (purple items) are typically the kun readings. Sometimes you may not learn one if it isn’t common, but this is quite rare.

cause as far as I am, i’ve been using only kun in words 女の人 (onnanohito) and so on

Yes, because that is actually two words joined together with kana (the possesive marker to be precise). In the case where the kanji are standalone words, they use the kun reading.

This is where you learn the on reading:

This is where you learn the kun reading:

This is a compound word which uses the on reading:

This is a compound word which uses the kun reading (the one you pointed out):


thanks :slight_smile:

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In order to properly read Japanese you will need to know both readings most of the time! I think it’s actually a good thing for you that Wanikani teaches a lot of on readings because otherwise you would be learning nothing new :wink: . Once you get to the vocabulary you will probably see some of the readings that are already familiar to you and I think a lot of it will click in to place then, at least that’s how it was for me.


Totally agree. That’s one of the main reasons I chose to subscribe, because it forced me recognize that I didn’t knew a lot of the kanji I “already knew” because I mostly learn their meanings readings as a vocab word only.


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