Change radical

Hi, I noticed that the radical for change shows up at level 6. But then when doing reviews I realized, that this radical is in the kanji for flower 花, I realized how much sense this makes to see the change/grass spring connection.

Shouldn’t the change radical precede the flower kanji for this reason?

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Its not uncommon that kanji could be further simplified by using radicals taught later down the road in wk. While in this case, it may make the mnemonic easier to wrap your head around, I don’t see it as a reason to shift 化 up two levels.

I just don’t think the work needed would make enough of an improvement to justify it. Of course, if its much easier to remember it as change + grass, then you are more than welcome to use that. Like I said, there will be other times will occur and on top of that, there will be times where you simply don’t like the mnemonic. Making mnemonics that work well for you is a good habit to get into.

They are supposedly revamping radicals, but I’m not sure if this will be included. As Vanilla said, there will be a bunch of other times coming up that this will happen - there are also kanji that can be broken down into different radicals (see grief and superior). Whatever mnemonics work best for you!

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