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Hi there , I was thinking that payment system is a bit unfair because some people take more time to learn things or want to do it longer, so… I got an idea what if wanikani charges by Levels and not time of subscription ? what do you think ?


Different people spend different amount of hours on Netflix. Should they start charging by the number of watched hours instead?


Pay me and I will do all your learning for you.


Would levels 51 to 60 be considered DLC?


Hey zuraavaliani. :slight_smile:

That’s a fair point and, in an ideal world, we would have a very flexible payment model that suited each user best. Heck, in an ideal world we wouldn’t charge anything at all! The problem is that this doesn’t work very well as a business model. Paying by level leads to very inconsistent month-to-months, which makes it very hard for Koichi to budget. That in turn makes it harder for him to hire people to work on WaniKani (and other Tofugu stuff), pay the bills, etc., because he doesn’t know what kind of revenue to expect.

As one of those people he’s hired, I’m probably biased, but it makes things much less stressful from our end so we can focus on creating new content and improving the existing stuff.

So you’re idea isn’t a bad one from the learning end, but I don’t think it’s one we’ll probably ever do. And if that’s deal-breaker for you then we’re a little sad, but we get it. At the very least, I hope you can understand why we do it the way we do. And hopefully you don’t mind paying in a slightly less than ideal method because you like what we do and want to support us.

Happy studying!


There is a difference between learning something and watching for fun


Have I ever mentioned I love you? Your answers tend to be so satisfying to me, from a customer perspective. Thank you for doing what you do so well.


DLC ? Could be , want to make a lottery ?

Well, I’d say that if you actually use Wanikani every day, it will be fine.

I wasn’t thinking from business perspective and I don’t really know how it would even work , it was just an idea , so I guess that’s a fail :sweat_smile:

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Well if you can go to school and teach people , I think you would get better pay

Yea but you’re not allowed to beat students with rulers in school anymore, so I don’t think teaching would suit me.


I also love this answer :heart:

Looks like you and me are being left unemployed


That is how subscription paid services work. Casual users subsidize the service for people who use it a lot more. The advantage for the provider is that it avoids revenue fluctuations, which have an economic cost. So the average user would pay more on a per-level charge system.
In terms of fairness, on a per-level charge you penalize people who want to learn fast and put a lot of effort. The current system instead pushes you into making the most out the money you pay, so overall I think it’s good for learning.

That being said, there is a per-level charge system on Wanikani, which is the lifetime member fee, which is an upfront payment for all levels.

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This type of system might work with Movies or other type of entertainment sites but in doing so quality of the learning drops. If someone pays 9 $ for a month and cant learn 90 % of the things (Let’s say he cant remember things that well) then there is no point for him to stay right ?. But this is from Users point of view so for income and for the webpage it is more stable this way

I don’t really wanna judge, but I joined the same day as you and I’m level 50. I feel like you’re too afraid of getting overwhelmed when you have yet to fully test the free levels.


I have been inactive for past 10 months i did not have time for it

Well, give it a try once again (it’s free)! :slight_smile: If you feel like trying just 1 more month to see how much you can learn in that period of time, do it. You won’t be compromising too much money after all :slight_smile: Re-read the FAQ and Guide so that you can remind yourself how of the whole WaniKani system words.

Best of luck!

Thanks , well … I returned because Kanji are hardest thing to learn for me and there is only one good system that works, that is wanikani