Change for story mnemonic system?

Hello fellow Japanese learners.
I have been thinking that remembering one mnemonic story for both reading and meaning of each kanji and vocabulary (with total 1 story mnemonic for each kanji and vocabulary) is easier than remembering one mnemonic story for reading and another for meaning (with total 2 story mnemonics for each kanji and vocabulary). What do you think?

I had a hard time learning because of this.

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i do have some stories as you expressed.
sometimes, i do have different stories for different readings or meanings…
create your personal mnemonics is a good practice.


I find sometimes using my own mnemonic is easier for the meaning, the reading or both. For me the main thing that helps is making sure there is an obvious ‘trigger’ for the mnemonic, some of the WK ones are too tenuous… also making it personal has helped; I’m lucky that my older sister lives in the city, and my younger sister lives interstate, so there’s no way i can forget those.

If you can make one story fit all aspects of the kanji, then go for it!


Whatever works for you. The mnemonics are there if you need them but you’re free to come up with your own. I’d estimate about half of the mnemonics I use are ones I made up myself.

The other thing to note is that you get better at figuring out what kinds of mnemonics work for you the more you use a mnemonic based SRS. So it’s a process that you’ll refine with time.


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