Challenge Proposal: A japanese-media-only week! 外国語無しの一週間!

I’ve thought of a challenge, and I wanna know if anyone’s interested before I start it:

I think most of us here read books, watch series, play games or watch youtubers. I think most of us do most of that in english, or at least in one of those pesky 外国語. That’s a lot of time spent not studying japanese! This is why I propose a radical challenge: if you participate, you’ll have to consume only japanese content for an entire week.

If you watch youtubers, you’ll watch japanese youtubers. If you read books, you’ll read japanese books. If you play games, you’ll play them in japanese. If you watch series, you’ll watch them in japanese. You get the principle.

Of course, you can make an exception for whatever thing you have to consume in another language during that lapse of time (the book you must read for class, or that episode you have to watch asap or it’ll get spoiled to you). The goal is simply to make you consume as much japanese as possible during the times you’d usually consume non-japanese stuff. Hopefully you’ll even discover more stuff through it!

I haven’t yet started, I’m waiting to see if people are interested. Give your opinion in the poll below!

  • それをしたいです!:grin:
  • したくないです。。。:unamused:

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With the exception of a rocket league youtuber this is what ive been doing so might as well cut that out and participate. I’ll start the challenge now, i guess

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I’d be up for it!

Saw a tip on reddit a little while ago about creating a second channel in your YouTube account that acts like a completely separate account and using it for immersing in only Japanese language content which I’ve been doing for a while, so I could definitely imagine a week of that, anime with no subs etc. Sounds good!

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Im currently obsessed with QuizKnock but even then I like to balance my Japanese out with some english and german every now and then. And 1 week without this forum, which is definitely in english, wouldn’t do for me a the moment. So I’m not participating.

Good luck to everyone who takes up the challange though.

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