Category suggestion: Testing

Right now I think a lot of test-related content goes into the Campfire, but I feel like Japanese Language: Testing could be its own category. It’s fine for chatting about your results to stay in the Campfire, but not every testing question or thread will be appropriate for the Japanese Language: Resources category.

Alternative name possibility: Japanese Language: Tests

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Maybe Language Proficiency Tests or Language Tests, I feel like Tests or Testing is a little ambiguous.

What other kinds of tests would be in a Japanese Language subcategory? For instance, we don’t bother saying “Language Resources” for the Resources category, because it’s a subcategory of Japanese Language, like I’m proposing for this.

I see your point, and it doesn’t quite work to write Japanese Language: Language Tests. However, viewed from the perspective of someone who is unfamiliar with Japanese language proficiency testing, it might come across as confusing. This community is knowledgeable on many things pertaining to Japanese language, but just seeing from the number of Hello threads, the amount of new users that join this community everyday is, seemingly, quiet a lot.

Maybe my suggestions doesn’t work, but I encourage you to see from an outside perspective.

Well, I think the category description text at the top can be used to disambiguate it as necessary. Thanks for the thoughts.

I also like “Proficiency Tests” or “Test Preparation” because when I first saw the word “testing” I thought it meant beta testing of new features on WaniKani.

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I get that my thread title could be better, but again, it would be in the Japanese Language subcategory list. I doubt people would make that mistake in context.

I could see “Japanese Language: Proficiency Tests” but not “Japanese Language: Language Tests”. It feels redundant.

I did as well - and thought it was a response to my recent test threads in both Campfire and WaniKani at first glance.

Not sure if it’s necessary, Leebo… I’ve seen most of the stuff about JLPT in the Grammar section. For me, it’s just weird that it’s so subdivided compared to the old forum still. \_(©_© )_/

But maybe that’s just me.

It’s easy to imagine JPLT questions that belong in grammar… And just as easy to imagine ones that don’t. Rest assured that the lack of clarity in this thread’s title has no bearing on a hypothetical subcategory of the Japanese Language category.

Right, I get it. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be made, but personally I don’t need it to be.

And you know you can edit your title, right? (Probably… I think you need to be a Member if you’re not yet.)

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