Careers: English to Japanese Translations

Thanks for that davidos, and for your clear explication to Lswan.:pray:


@Davidos Like everyone else, I see you fail to comprehend the severity and sincerity of my words. I suggest you reread my original post with an open mind and an open heart.

@TonyB as I said… Like everyone else, I see you fail to comprehend the severity and sincerity of my words. I suggest you reread my original post with an open mind and an open heart.

If you find that everyone fails to comprehend what you’ve said, you might be better served clarifying than just telling them to read it again…


@tankwidow Is my work readily available? Absolutely. Thank you for your interest! Please email me at with your gmail and I can share a copy through Google Docs.

Originally the book So Blu was classic English Literature that dealt with very controversial topics. Monsanto and Agribusiness. Genetically modified organisms. Abortion. Overconsumption. Veganism. The Move Movement. Overpopulation. Being a product of The Ethical Culture Fieldston School, an Ivy League Preparatory Institution in the heart of Jewish New York, I was taught to call out genocide wherever it may be, even if the cause is ourselves. But at the end of the day it was my eight year old niece who I found reading chapters over my shoulder and the Young Adult Version came into nascent. Maybe later I can share this original work with the world, but I cannot deny the positive reception of this much lighter version.

If I could call up David Mitchell and work on this book as a ghostwriter with him and his wife, I would. Getting it out there is all I care about.

Its hard to explain the purpose of my most treasured novel in a little community post, but I am trying. I am hoping that people are not driven by money, but the desire to help humanity. Novels are not born in a day and the revenues rarely equal the work, but an idea… a good idea…can change the course of history for the better.

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@crihak No, I was concise. Questions rather assumptions would be a better course of action.

Agreed, but it is what it is.

The fact that what you said, by your own admission, was misunderstood by everyone seems to indicate that it was perhaps not as clear to your intended audience as it was to yourself.

But more importantly, assuming your main goal is to be understood: Even if you’re right and everyone is just reading your posts wrong. you are far more likely to be understood by clarifying than by telling people to read the same thing multiple times.


I can’t offer advice to you here. I’ve only ever translated stuff for fun or as a side dish (eng to french).

I read your post and liked it because it was interesting and so blu sounds very interesting to me as well because i’m very involved in campaigning and my oldest is getting to that age where a book like this would be very nice to have to discuss with him.

Then i went down the thread and my heart sank a little. What could have been a great thread with interesting feedback and info became indeed a “reply salad” with rather unpleasant tone.

It bothers me a lot when i see replies from people here get shot down. I might be biased a bit because i’ve read those people a lot but not heard from you (OP) much but even if we put that aside, everyone was polite and helpful, expressed their own opinions in a civil manner so i don’t get the defensive tone.

And also, why would a polyglot need help translating. Were the languages you cited, the ones you don’t speak? Is it just japanese you’re after?

Well, all the best in your endeavour. The book itself sounds very attractive.

I hope the conversations here get back on a better track… because i’d like to read more.


Sincerity is not a substitute for good writing. Write your book in your own native language, and get help from native speakers translating into English, Japanese, and any other languages in which you wish to publish. That was the correct advice when it was first offered and it’s still the correct advice.


I’m all for people being passionate about their work, but did you just refer to your own novel as “the fate of humanity”?


At least he’s optimistic?

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@saibaneko I think you follow. at no point in my post did I say to any of you guys “hey, I’m looking for advice” or… “how would you guys go about translating a book?” … And yet… Sigh… its just so sad.

Localization is a form of translation. I even had a link there to explain. And I even said “A writer first, a translator second” because it takes much more than translation to “translate” from American culture to Japanese culture in an entirely other novel. It won’t be the same. Even the title alone So Blu which is a reference to high fertility and something being super green doesnt translate well at all. (And please dont see that as an opportunity to argue the history of color definitions in Japan) I feel like a broken record at this point.

Sadly I think people read the topic and didn’t bother to read the introduction and therefore has commented on here with a bunch of unrelated musings. If I have “inspired” the topic “what level of understanding of a language must you have in order to be a translator” then maybe we should start a new thread. But for me that is not the topic. “Do you wear Orange pants?” Is the topic. Well no, but I hear orange pants are blah blah blah blah… Ohhhh I find orange pants to be the worst!.. Well you should know better than to ask about orange pants! I’m insulted!!.. But you just said you own rainbow pants… Doesn’t that mean your pants have a little orange in them? Well I think people who own orange pants don’t regularly come here so its kinda pointless… I think green pants are crap!


Sigh. People who study languages tend to have friends who are native speakers in those target languages and those friends tend to have interests. And maybe just maybe those friends actually care about our planet. And maybe some of them are writers… like me.

I am a polyglot, yes, but I am not bilingual. I did not grow up speaking any other language than English. In fact I don’t consider myself all too good with languages in general. But I love learning. Just because I can write long-winded political arguments to the necessity of dissent in French, or the problem of overpopulation in Russian, or a story about a hunting expedition in Japanese, or argue over money in a laundry mat in Mexico or sing Karaoke in Korean doesnt mean I should write a book in these secondary languages. To me, So Blu is a children’s book. To the rest of the publishing world it has been placed under Young Adult. Regardless, we are a community of erudites and institutionalized academics which means we should have six degrees of separation on this.

So I say again.

Is anyone on here confident enough to do English to Japanese translations? Are there any writers here who are passionate about climate change and want to work on a novel with me?

Let’s just put aside the fact that I have written So Blu twice over. One as an classic adult novel and the latter as a Children’s Book. Japan has such a rich history and so many wonderful traditions. When you take topics like, life, death, how one cares for the dead, religion and it’s connection with nature, its night and day different from American culture, but there are some similarities. 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami is by far one of my favorite novels of all time. But so is Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Two totally different novels right? Yes… and no… At the core its about a connection. Its about trying to right the world. Its like asking why Yoko Ono fell in love with John Lennon. I think we all know why.

@Milgram Yes. Had anyone listened to me we would not have had this pandemic. I know my worth. What I am proposing is based on thousands upon thousands of years of research. Anthropologists, Geneologists, Microbiologists, Nuclear Physcists who wrote how to terra form Mars back in the 70’s. “Fate of Humanity”? Yes. A potential fate. One that is worth pursuing. I stand on the shoulders of giants. Its thanks to their sacrifices and their hard work that I can say that. I believe in science. Do you?

@BreadstickNinja please refer to the original post

I read the first post twice over and yet i failed to actually understand that this was what you asked. In particular, i failed to understand that this is what you asked and that you were uninterested in anything else. If you post things on here, you can’t expect people to only answer your questions. Keeping a thread derail-free is almost unheard of anyway.

It’s pretty common for people - and this is just out of friendliness - to answer/comment even if it’s not a direct answer to the op.

I’m certainly passionate enough that i helped my 11 year old write a little speech he delivered at the opening meeting for the climate alliance in our community last week. Unfortunately, i can’t help you with translation. I was still interested in what you had to say and was hoping to see some interesting discussions in here.

That’s the reason i posted: i was hoping to bring the tone back to a gentler one by explaining why people posted what they posted. A few others tried to help bring the conversation back on track.

once more, i hope this thread gets back on track because it has potential for interesting discussions. but if the post you made was solely in order to find someone to translate/work on the book, then the quote i put in this post is very exclusive and you should make that even clearer.


Sigh. I’m really sorry everyone. I think I’m frustrated because no one has read my original post. I am looking for fellow writers like myself… not advice on how to get published… Not a debate over how to find a translator… not “free help” but rather a collaboration with someone ANYONE who is just as passionate about climate change and saving the planet as I am. Who happens to be an advanced learner in Japanese or better yet… a native speaker. If that is not you, please do not comment.

Clearly I have touched a nerve. I’m sorry @Davidos. I am not trying to make anyone feel small or less because they haven’t reached the level in Japanese they had hoped by now. Its okay. We are all here to learn right?

Many people here speak other languages, @Davidos but for the sake of honesty, integrity and transparency, they speak in English only. Please respect the people here and honor that.

I think you haven’t read the replies. People keep telling you that they did read the OP


@Kumirei you are adding to my argument.

With the attitude you are displaying in this thread no one is going to want to work with you