Can't Zip a Folder Where the Directory Has Japanese Characters?


So I’ve recently changed my computer’s language to Japanese for extra practice, changing all of the desktop folders to their Japanese equivalent as well.

I tried to zip a folder within one of the desktop folders and got an error about the directory name, so I changed the main folder’s name back to English and it zipped just fine.

I found this so odd, as it seems like that would be a pain for someone who is natively Japanese (or another language with a different script) to have all folders where they have to zip/otherwise share or change files to be in a non-native script.

I know that this is completely random, but it really struck me. I wonder if computers distributed in Japan have a way to bypass this limitation?


What software are you using to zip your files? Maybe Japanese people are using a different kind of software? :slight_smile:


Sounds like whatever software you’re using doesn’t like double byte characters


It’s not a problem with zip, it’s a problem with your specific setup. E.g. Linux handles it just fine.


To zip I just use the Windows shortcut (right click => send to => zip folder), so maybe if I were to use a third-party one it would work. That’s odd, though, I wouldn’t think that it would make a difference.


I just confirmed, Windows 10’s built-in zip does not allow multi-byte character names. That’s sort of shocking!

Personally, I use 7zip.


I would recommend 7zip.


I would recommend using non-Microsoft insert software here whenever possible
(As I sit here using Visual Studio…)


Yeah, I have that installed as well, I don’t usually use it to zip files since I do it so infrequently.


Visual studio is the best. I also use microsoft’s other IDE, visual studio code, on Linux. Of course, it doesn’t have even a smidgen of the futures of visual studio, but I still like it nevertheless.


Agreed. VS is the best of the IDE’s I’ve used. But pretty much ever other MS product, either there’s a better alternative, or equivalent yet free alternative.


Been using Winrar since 1996(98?) I think xD


WinRAR: it really whips the llama’s ass.

Oh wait, that’s WinAmp.


Ah, remember the days of file size limitations? Download something and it be in 20+ zip/rar files.



Haha yeah! I used winamp for a loooooong time as well, but it got replaced with Spotify later on :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, sure do I remember that. It did beat the 100s of floppys to install ONE program though :wink:


Windows 98. 38 floppy discs. But number 27 was messed up… I don’t miss those days.


I used both of those at one time… and who can forget WinAMP’s slogan! lol

Switched to 7z a few years ago after doing a new round of comparison.


King’s Quest VI! My floppy disk 9 was faulty grrrr…


I feel you… I feel you…