Can't select API key

Is it just me or did something change that no longer allows us to select our API key? In other words, I can’t drag over the key so I can copy it and use it with other applications. Almost all other text on the page is selectable except for the key.

It works fine for me so it must be an issue with your browser I guess. Are you using Chrome/FF?

I had the same problem while using Firefox. Switching over to Chrome fixed it.

Try double-clicking the text.

For Firefox:
Right click -> open source code -> ctrl +f and search for “API key”, then you can normally copy it
Or double click it so its selected and then drag it to your search bar or in a notepad window, then copy it from there

I didn’t look into why it is so complicated to copy it but it’s possible.
Edit: probably because of some disabled=“disabled” attribute, which is actually meant to make the form element unusable, so Firefox does imho the right thing.

I double-click and then copy. I’ve always had to do this.

Double click works for me on Firefox as well

Some browsers seem to disable text selection inside <input disabled> tags for some reason. This is especially annoying in places like mobile Safari. You can work around this by going to the API page instead, and scrolling down a bit to find your key inline. There’s a persistent link to that page in the footer.

wow, I never knew about the double click trick.  Here I’ve been typing out the whole thing like a sucker.

me i just type mine…


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Not sure why they disabled it though.