Can't resurrect burned item

The item still shows that there is 1 month left before the next review, but it is already burned. When I click “retire” again, it tells me that the item has been retired, but the time remaining until the next review is there. Not sure what’s going on.

There have been issues the past few days related to review times. Probably best to let @viet know.

Hmm this is a new one. We’ll take a look

Can you tell me what item you are seeing this for?

As of right now, this error is occurring for 求 and 求める

I updated the original post with a slightly better screenshot.

Isn’t it also strange that the current meaning and reading streaks both are bigger than 9?

With them being 15 and 11 respectively, it looks to me like the item moved up the srs 10 times consecutively, which isn’t possible.

I’ve resurrected this item a few times, so that may be why the streaks are higher than normal.

That explains it.

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@zhfac can you give the page a force reload and see what the UI state is?

Edit: The item is indeed burned. Just seems the UI state is rendering incorrectly.

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Seems to be fixed now! I thought I did a force reload before, so not sure what happened.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great! Glad we figured it out. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’m also surprised to see that in your screenshot both of your Current streaks are over 9. I could see one of them being over 9, but you can’t have both be over 9, or else you would have burned it sooner.

Ahh… nevermind my last post then. ^_^;

Looks like the issue has returned, with a different item.

Here is what happened:

  1. Retired an item that is currently in the “Enlightened” state.
  2. Status shows burned, but time remaining until next review is ~1month

I did a force reload on two different browsers, and this bug still persists.

Item in question is 弱

Not sure what is going on :S

Is it still the case?

Seems to have resolved itself. I guess there is a delay of some sort now?

The time remaining used to reset itself almost instantly, so I’m not sure what updates/changes lately in the backend could have caused this.

Thanks again!

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