Can't load lesson or review session page

This is to say: I can’t use wanikani beyond looking at my numbers on the dashboard! It just sits on the loading icon forever.

I disabled all scripts, disabled uBlock and Firefox’s built-in content blocker, and cleared my cookies. No luck, it still doesn’t make it past the loading icon.

There’s literally nothing in the browser console, all network requests seem to succeed, and it successfully loads the queue from cache. Nothing about this looks broken.

Send help!

Does the loader just keep spinning? Can you post a screenshot?

Yeah it’s just this forever:

Weird. I loaded a review session just fine on my phone.

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I can also load my reviews; did you try a different browser?

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Huh, turns out I needed to just restart my browser? Which is weird because I did clear cache, session storage, etc, but that didn’t help.

Oh well, I guess this is resolved now.


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